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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sacre bleu

Further to Sunday's shoot from the tower, an onlooker was overheard offering this top tip:
"If Castle Moat and Folkestone Longbowers (stick chuckers) are defending a castle you are attacking, wear a multicoloured, circular-patterned hat with the predominent colours being gold, red and blue. Avoid black and white as they sometimes hit this colour, but on no account wear green as this will be fatal."

Shoot around the target, don't shoot at at the target

They went on to add:
"If the French archers had known this, and if our lot had been defending in the Middle Ages, then the result at Agincourt may have turned out to be a pretty different one."
Also overheard on Sunday included alternative titles for the shoot:
  1. The Crapton Factor (overheard whilst someone avoided another bit of sheep deposit)
  2. Slip Slidin' Away(day)
  3. Sheep in da (Robin) Hood
Keep on furtling,

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