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Monday, 13 August 2012

After the tournament has ended

So by all accounts Castle Moat's Open Tournament was a success. I wouldn't know as me and the Merry Men were hiding out behind the barbeque trying to score some bacon sarnies. It would have worked too had Friar 'Belly Buster' Tuck not decided to get in there first, leaving us only a few crumbs and the greasy waft of a used griddle.

Still, the day wasn't entirely without success. I managed to snag a photo of this member who seemed to have got locked in.

One member was left behind after the tournament ended

She was eventually released by the caretaker on Monday morning, slightly bedraggled and semi-feral after being adopted by a family of foxes. Several months of therapy will see her right as rain, but the membership of the club may take years to come to terms with. 



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