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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sir Thomas Wyatt Open Tournament

23 & 24 June, Maidstone

After dragging myself out of bed at an horrendously early time (6.30am. On a Saturday. Who knew such a time existed?), I made my way to Marilyn B's house, who would be driving us up to Allington Castle Archers' grounds for the tournament. Once we had negotiated the diversion around Maidstone's town centre, we arrived with plenty of time to spare. We were on two of the middle targets and so our camp was right in front of the bacon butty stall. Somehow cold toast and a cup of tea lost its allure in the waft of griddled bacon.

Monday, 4 June 2012

St George compound record broken

Congratulations are due to Steve Batey when you see him next - 

New club record with a compound bow, shooting a St George.

108 Hits, 
77 Golds, 
906 scored
Previously it was held by Eddie Cooper in 1990, who scored 874.

There will be quite a few more records broken in the next few months, there have already been a few but I'm just waiting for confirmation

Records Officer