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Thursday, 16 August 2012

CM&FB's Open Tournament 2012

As organiser I was growing more and more concerned as the tournament drew near that there would not be enough people taking part. The uptake from outside clubs had been incredibly slow (only two entries at the time of the committee meeting a couple of weeks before).
So, at said meeting, it was decided that we would go ahead and try to rally around and get a few more entries. I think that the weather to this date had been putting people off and, in general, Kent archers didn't seem to want to enter tournaments as other shoots had reported lower entry numbers this year.

The entries then started to trickle in and before I knew it there was a healthy looking target list. Everything was ready to go and because of the help and commitment from so many others in the club we were looking like we were going to have a great day. We just needed to keep our fingers crossed that the weather would be good! Pete was organising the scouts to come and do some catering, Dave Ash was organising the meat, Mark and Kevin were working hard adapting the scoring system ready for us to use on the day and many others were offering to be ready to help set up the field.  Pete then went to the ground on the Saturday and marked out the field ready to set up a good number of targets.

The ground set out. Copyright: Dennis Banks
On Sunday morning it was all systems go! I had already lost Steve to the Kent Team shoot, so had to rush over to Folkestone early with my three girls, drop them off at the grandparents and then I was all ready for concentrating on the day ahead. I arrived at 8.15am to find quite a few members starting to set the field up for me and put the marquee together. Early bird archers were already starting to arrive as the marquee rose around me! So it was all hands on deck and as I was checking in archers and making sure they were happy and knew where they were shooting, club members were busy helping with all the other things that needed to be done. Raffle prizes were being generously donated and filling the table so it looked impressive; I already had a good feeling that this would make money. I am so thankful to you all for helping the morning to run so smoothly. It wouldn't have worked without your help.

Guy and Dave Copyright: Dennis Banks
Ner ner ner ner NERRRRRRR
10.30am arrived and Dennis got the shoot off to a good start as field captain. The weather brightened up and there was no wind: perfect shooting conditions. I was so happy that it was all going well and the smell of the BBQ got people coming up for burgers and hotdogs on a regular basis. Dave A and Guy did a wonderful job of helping the younger archers with their scoring even though Guy was barely awake himself, but that was a whole other story!

Myself, Alison and Mark then got on with the scoring side of things, but a slight glitch in the system held us up a little. Kevin had to come to our rescue and take time out from his day of helping at Newington Museum to sort this out. We were up and running again after lunch and able to speak to the archers who all agreed that they were having a great day, even if some of them were not happy with their shooting, but the weather was really shining on us.

Mathematical gold! Copyright: Alison GriffithsIn the morning Alison had been around with the raffle tickets and sold out, so dashed off to get more (walking all the way to Morrisons and back as her car had been blocked in!). I then went around again in the afternoon with different colours that a lot of people liked so much that they bought a few more. In the end, the raffle had made such a good profit, that I'm thinking of splitting up the colours and selling pre- and after-lunch next year.

The scouts did a fantastic job on the BBQ and with the bargain price of £1 per item, brought in a good amount of money. Overall the day had made the club £288, which was fantastic.

Winning a trophy is of paramount importance. Copyright: Alison Griffiths
And the winners are
Medals and trophies were presented by Margaret, our Lady Paramount for the day and there was some good competition in the different categories (all results are now on the website).

I had a great day; everything went smoothly; loads of help and commitment from the club made it a wonderful shoot for all the archers involved and I would be glad to run it all again next year.

Happy Open Tournament Organiser and Club Captain

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