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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Thankyou verr, verr, verr, verr much!

We don't blow our trumpet enough, but a hearty round of self-congratulatory back slapping for all at CMFB Towers for making KPAC welcome and pulling out all the stops. We've had a very nice letter of thanks from them after the inaugural Ascham Challenge match:

Dear Dave & Mark,

Well, what can I say? – Castle Moat and Folkestone Bowmen once again lived up to their justly deserved reputation. You were the perfect hosts, providing us with a great venue,
excellent camaraderie, and friendship, and to top it all off, a superb lunch.

You realise that as a result of all that, it was only right that Kent Police Archery Club did the
decent thing and let you win ( but only  just by a few points ). However when you visit us next and it is our turn to host the event, we will of course have to have the gloves off, and will have to win....8-)

Being serious for a moment, it was a great pleasure to share the day with you, and please
pass our thanks onto one and all who attended and made the day the success it was. I know I speak for all of our club members who attended. Please also thank the team who laid out the range, and then at the end took it all down again. I must say it was really nice not having to be the ones undertaking that task this time.

Once again, our very best to you all and we look forward to seeing you in the not too distant future at our Independence Day shoot on Saturday 13 later in the year at the Ascham Challenge (Phase 2)

Very Best Regards,

Steve Ridley

Kent Police Archery Club

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