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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bags, Bows and Bones

On the morning of the 5th April 2013, I knew something was up. There was an array of suitcases, bowbags, my bed and a few bags of food all piled up by the front door.
Then mum and Antony picked up everything and it all went in the car with me in the boot and we set off on what seemed like a very long journey but eventually we stopped and I immediately knew we were at Lilleshall National Sports Centre. This is where we go for Melissa to do her competitions with British Blind Sport so there is normally a couple of other guide dogs for me to meet and sniff, LOWT*.

The next day, after a good night's sleep, the competition started. The Saturday was the British Blind Sport National competition, which was a combined FITA, so in the morning was five dozen arrows on a 60cm face at 25 metres and then in the afternoon another five dozen arrows at 18 metres on a 40cm face.

Everything seemed to be going quite well, there were about 20 visually impaired archers and they all seemed to be shooting well and having a good time. After it was all finished, and I had had a very nice walk with Sharon around the grounds of Lilleshall, we had the presentation of all the medals. Melissa won her category and was also told that she had broken the National Record for the FITA 25 so she was very pleased!

The Sunday was a fun competition with the spotters competing against the VI archers. This was the first year this had been run and the spotters won by a very small margin and congratulations go to them.

Then it was back home for a rest, a well earned one for Melissa and Dennis (who was spotting for her) after all that shooting (and for Sharon, Dennis' wife, who took me for lots of walks!).

Looking forward to hopefully seeing you all down the field during the summer.



*Lots Of Waggy Tails

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