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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Kent Police 2nd Blue Lamp Shoot

Ten of our archers were summoned to appear at the Police Sports Ground in Maidstone on Saturday 6 October, to undergo St. George and Albion tests  in the 2nd Blue Lamp shoot. One of our party absconded and so the remaining nine passed through the checkpoint to join the other inmates at the field.
We were all in club colours, apart from Chris Horan, a member of the police force, who was in plain clothes. Our other members present were: Dave Ash, Pat, Alison, Dennis, James, Mark, Alan, Marilyn and Pete Maddox.

We checked in at the tent to show our GNAS passes and to sign in but didn't have our fingerprints taken. We all assembled for our briefing at 10:30 hours and soon we were underway.

It was a superb sunny day and I was on the same target as Dave Ash, Patrick and Steve Purkiss of Fox Archers. When we approached the target to collect our sighters, I thought, "Allo, allo, allo, what's all this then? Where are my arrows?" Not one had even nicked the boss. They had all grassed. My first end of the round at 100 yards was another flying squad all over the top.

I went a long stretch without getting any on, just before lunch I hit the boss twice, but one bounced out. I raised my bow and the Field Captain plodded over and said I could shoot another one and he didn't send forensics down to verify my claim. My replacement arrow scored a 5.

We then had lunch.

The superb weather continued after the break and we then shot the second distance. Big Steve on my target did some GBH on the number board with several high shots, which I was using as a sight mark at 80 yards. Such wanton damage did not get punished with a fine or points deduction. Not even a caution. This obstructed my slow recovery.

After the second distance the raffle was drawn, which hopefully did not contain any stolen goods among the prizes.

Team CM&FB with their haul
We then shot the final distance and the rounds were completed at 16:15 hours. I had one good end at 60 yards, which I hoped would set me up, but it didn't and I finished with a much lower score than last week when it was windy. I had no excuse as I had no bent arrows.

We had a long wait for results to be announced. In the end, Chris, Marilyn, Alison and Pete had form and they snatched first place medals. Most of our other archers took away some loot after a very enjoyable day at the Boys in Blue's excellent sports ground. Everything was well organised and I'm sure we would all like to be summoned there again.

Alan Bates

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