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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Kent Target Championships 19 August 2012

Sunday 19 August saw the 59th Kent Target Championships and Open Tournament, held at Vigo Rugby Club, Vigo Village, Kent. Representing Castle Moat and Folkestone Bowmen were Dave Plowman, Chris Horan, Mark Gowing, Marilyn Batey and myself, Steve Batey.

Sighters got under way at 9:30am. The weather was good: hot and calm, but this also made it hard going as it was energy zapping.

The gents compound was a close run competition with the top 5 changing places throughout 100 yards and 80 yards. However, by the end of 60 yards CM&FB finished in the top five with Chris coming out on top as the Kent and Open Champion with a score of 1210, 144 hits and 104 golds. I came fourth with a score of 1194, 144 hits and 96 golds, having had a disappointing 80 yards. Mark finished on a below par score of 1077, 143 hits and 64 golds, but considering he had been shooting all day with an injury it was still a top effort. And CM&FB's prowess didn't stop there. In the ladies compound Marilyn came second in Kent with 1096, 144 hits and 65 golds.

In the gents recurve, special praise has to go to Dave Plowman, who not only put over 120 points on his personal best, but finished third on 1042, 144 hits and 59 golds, claiming his 1000 Rose Award and possible club record (to be confirmed) in the process.

CM&FB are now also the Kent Compound Team Champions, having taken the title with the following team:
  • Chris on 1210
  • myself on 1194
  • Marilyn on 1096
Making a total of 3500, 432 hits and 296 golds. This is now the third time within the last four years the club has held the title.

CM&FB also took the married compound title, with Marilyn and I having a combined total score of 2290, 288 hits and 161 golds.

So all in all a very successful day's shooting by CM&FB members!

Equipment Officer & Kent Compound Team Champion!

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